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Unintended Pregnancy

With an unplanned pregnancy, often the focus is mostly on how the woman is feeling.
However, men are affected by a crisis pregnancy too and it is important for them to recognise how they feel about it.

Men sometimes feel that they have to bury their own feelings to be a strong support for their partner. They may also be worried about how they will cope as a father, how they will manage financially or how the baby will affect the relationship with the baby’s mother.

If the relationship with the pregnant woman is difficult, or they are not together, men can feel shut out or helpless. They may disagree with her about what to do next. They may also have questions about where they stand and what their rights are as a father.

It’s important that men and/or couples together, are able to access support.

At Reflect this support is available – click here to book an appointment.


Men often experience many of the same emotions as women after an abortion, especially feelings of loss, sadness and confusion. Depending on individual circumstances, they may also feel a sense of responsibility and may be burdened with questions about their role in the decision.

In addition, men often struggle to find the best way to support their partners after an abortion. They frequently feel helpless and upset by the woman’s physical pain and emotional responses, as well as their own feelings and thoughts, which can be difficult to understand.

While it is important for men to show care and concern to their partners, they deserve to look after themselves as well, by finding their own sources of support, comfort and information.

At Reflect, we have trained male advisors that can help.  We can also support couples who want to work through things together.  To enquire about the support available or to book an appointment click here.

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