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Why we help

Reflect is an initiative of local churches working together to support men and women facing the desperate situation of an unplanned pregnancy or pregnancy choice and to support those who have experienced pregnancy loss.

Our vision

Our vision is to see women and men in York, Harrogate and surrounding areas enabled to make an informed decision about an unintended pregnancy without fear, pressure or judgement.

Motivated by Christian compassion, we desire to see people in this difficult situation supported through the decision-making process, whatever the outcome. We aim to raise awareness of the issues surrounding pregnancy including parenting, abortion, adoption, miscarriage, and infertility, and to support all those affected.

The need

1 in 3 women will have an abortion in their lifetime, and 1 in 4 early pregnancies end in miscarriage.

97% of abortions in 2016 were carried out solely to reduce the risk of harm to the well-being of the pregnant woman. However, the number of women seeking post-abortion support is rising.

Research shows a woman is best able to cope with an unintended pregnancy decision made free from pressure or fear. A woman (and her partner) are far more likely to cope with a decision that has not been rushed, knowing they have made a truly informed choice, even if it is difficult at the time.

We offer this time and space at Reflect, with non-judgemental support and information to help people make the decision best for them. We provide emotional and practical support whatever the outcome and aim to help all men and women access the services they need.

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