Post-abortion support

Few women easily choose to have an abortion. Afterwards, a woman may experience a variety of emotions, some of which may be expected, some may be more unsettling and some may not surface until months or even years later.

Reflect offer a structured course of support for any one struggling after having a termination. The Journey course is a series of roughly 10 sessions (although it can be flexible and there is no set limit) exploring the emotional, physical, and spiritual effects of abortion.  This has proved to be life-changing for those who have completed the programme at Reflect.  We offer the Journey course both one-to-one, as a group and for couples.  A client who completed the group course said this:

“I was so angry with everyone and everything. The week we did some homework about anger I was able to show my partner and it helped him understand what I was going through. I have learned so much about myself and about how it’s not wrong to be angry but that there’s a better way to handle it and use it. As a result I have used those methods with a really difficult neighbour situation and it has led to an amazing outcome. And I feel I have learned some new ways to be in my relationships. It helped to realise I was not on my own and that others felt the same feelings of hurt and pain as me and we were in it together.”

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All support is confidential; therefore it will not be shared with anyone outside of the organisation (unless in the rare case you disclose something that indicates you or someone else is at risk of harm. We may then have to inform someone, but you will be kept fully aware of any actions we take, unless there is a risk to ourselves in doing so.)

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